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This song is quite specific. It's based entirely on things Jesus is reported to have said, according to the Gospels of Luke and Thomas.

You may know this already, but one of these gospels is the inspired Word of God and one of them is "diabolical mimikry" and should be burned as heresy (well, according to orthodox christianity anyway). Even so, confusingly, a lot of the content of these two gospels is pretty much identical...

I always thought Jesus would be a really interesting guy to just have a blether with, so I wrote this song about a few things he supposedly said and a couple of questions I might ask. Hopefully this will also serve to illustrate how these two gospels can describe a very different philosophy than the one christianity generally leads us to believe is the "right" one.

For those really interested, or who suspect I am quoting out of context, here is a list of the references used:

line 1: (Thomas 96)
line 2: (Luke 6:20 and Thomas 54, then Thomas 49)
lines 3 and 4: (Thomas 76)
lines 5 and 6: (Luke 11:28, Thomas 79)
lines 7 and 8: (Thomas 95, and a rough paraphrase in Luke 6:33-35)
lines 9 and 10: (Thomas 86, Luke 9:58)
line 11: (Luke 9:62)
line 12: (Luke 9:60)
line 13: (Luke 11:29)
line 14: (numerous verses eg: Luke 6:27)
lines 15 and 16: (Luke 12:4)
line 17: (Luke 14:26, Thomas 101)
line 18: (Luke 12:49, Thomas 10)
line 19: (Luke 6:20-21, Thomas 54, 69)
line 20: (Thomas 13)


1 The Kingdom is like bread, which rises when it's cooked
2 It is for those who are poor or alone
3 It's like a rich man giving everything he has
4 for a single pearl all on its own
Aah, Yeshua x2

5 Lucky is the womb which has not conceived
6 Lucky the breasts that do not nurse
7 Do not lend your money to one who pays it back
8 Instead, let a beggar in your purse
Aah, Yeshua x2

9 Foxes have dens, birds have nests
10 But the son of man can never rest his head
11 Do not take the plough, and then start turning back
12 Leave the dead to bury their own dead
Aah, Yeshua x2

13 A wicked generation looks for a sign
14 Let those who have ears let them hear
15 Your body can be killed, but never can your soul
16 So there's no need for you to have fear
Aah, Yeshua x2

17 What did you mean when you said i had to hate
my mother and my father and my sons?
18 When you said you came to throw fire on the world
Did you mean nuclear weaponry and guns?
19 When you said that the lucky ones were hungry and poor
Did you mean that poverty should never end?
20 Did we misunderstand when you told us we should drink
From the spring that you were only there to tend?
Aah, Yeshua x4


from Honesty And Thorns, released January 8, 2010


all rights reserved



Calum Carlyle Edinburgh, UK

I'm a musician and songwriter from Orkney, now based in Edinburgh. Have a listen to some of my music, i hope you enjoy it!

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