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by Urban Folk Crowd

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So Simple 03:14
Ethically 04:04
Now that the summer was over the weather began to grow cold The fire burned low in the fireplace, is this what it's like getting old? He'd worked all his life for a pittance, both of his sons had moved on And after the rent and the taxes all of his money was gone I mis-rep for the first step and I knew that didn't work Ethically nobody seems to know what these ethics mean Lost in generation trees, supporting of the families Delusion lies with angry mangled up in these insanities Lives lost for the casualties, the wars of the minds The government then glorifies the losses of the lives They stab their back with subtle lies These lies are like pocket knives F the truth, it ain't rocket science It's about time that it stopped I value my worth a lot 'cos worth is life for living In times when even educated men can't even earn a living 'Cos greed unlike the honest will never be forgiving I've read into life so much that I can't turn back That's why I'm writing all my truths to manuscript the facts We're rats just kept by rats caught on rotating wheels And everything we work for, it doesn;t feed us still It still sells up in shops and it has its mass appeal Is it them controlling us, or us running the wheel? They only supply the product, we give them the right to deal Even self-service tills, taking jobs from friends But still we blame the government as the corporate suits descend He'd worked all his life in the city, he'd given the best that he could Forced into early retirement he wondered if he really should have Tried just a little bit harder to connect with the people outside Or would he just have to accept that we're born, then we strive, then die? We are born, then we strive, then we die
Life we grow, it comes like a harvest Like many fruits so what? disregard it Some be the apple on the head, just the target Depends what route you chose Which road will you walk upon? Which way will you go? Each road has its twists and turns How can you know? We rise from the sun from sleep, we work to promote to eat We eat for the wealth to keep, create boundaries, defence for farmers To keep out the wolves from sheep Which road will you walk upon? What will you do? Which road will you walk upon? It's all up to you Damage inside that we haven't recognised, tru So touch your soul and your journey will unfold It's time to grow, and we'll reap just what we sow
Encoded 04:51
We're in a place that's so encoded Forced into place, injection moulded Pushed into sectors, colour coded Hijacking funds from the ones that voted Numbers, limitations we're under Future so great we can feel the thunder I got soul but it makes me wonder Is it any good in the world today? Terrorists, greed, paedophiles, rape Even in love people sell the tapes Makes me sad, worse, drapes Tell by them poor man sell the apes Criminology seems so refined When you live in a jail like state of mind There's no bars, walls, locks Never lights out till the fall stops And it's gonna make me cry Ain't nobody ever tell me why All the people wanna do is hurt one another But everyone you meet, y'know, that's your sister or your brother Trapped in the world of caution Hunger, loss, it's a mash abortion TV shop trash terminator Internet truth, you may learn it later Only takes you to confirm the data Polluted world of toxins Media serves it topspin Freshly delivered with a slice When it lies precise Depends what side, do you find it nice? Look real close, then you find the lice Don't take police with a lie device People so cold that their mind is ice The same tools that apply the rights Enforce the wars, don't fight the cause As the innocent blood stains all the floors So open your door and open your mind We've got a long way to go and there's not much time Many rivers to cross, many mountains to climb But if we all work together, it's gonna be just fine Or it's gonna make me cry Ain't nobody gonna tell me why Tell me why all the people wanna do is hurt one another But everyone you meet, y'know, that's your sister or your brother. ...it's gonna make me cry, it's gonna make me cry and i wonder why, said i wonder why, it's gonna make me cry...
Hello, and welcome to the show! I've got a special guest, i'm gonna ask him some questions. It's Conscious Route, from the Urban Folk Crowd, so good evening. Can you tell us how you see the world, now? I see this new urban frontier is born, the doctor's propaganda, the midwife is faith The father is philosophy, the mother is the Earth Another miracle entering stratosphere, mentoring this atmosphere Of the cosmic force Tryin' to pool the atoms while splittin' for divorce We're all in this same space The movement, right or wrong, striving for improvement System among system. Old habits Breeding insight to the wisdom for the few While many just follow and they don't know what to do Mimicking the TV 'cos they haven't got a clue Not agreeing with the penalty but settle for the price Not switchin' up the music when the record is their life Sick of the same song, still they drop it on Far from emotions, in the West they got it wrong When bodies feeling dark, don't listen to your heart Dreams turn to nightmares, insomniac sleeping And focus on the past that you're never getting back It may be just an interview, i hope peeps can listen and recognise some facts So what do you think is wrong? I think the system Why d'you want to put it into song? Hope people listen What do you hope to achieve? The soul, freed, To put it more precise, the inner strength so peeps believe So it sounds like you've got it all figured out, But do you just want to climb onto the rooftops and shout About the things you want to change or have you really got a plan? Because i think that we all know the future's in our hands But nobody can agree on what that future is Is it observation, recreation, conservation or business? Or is it the heart, the soul and the voice? And when we get down to it do we have a choice? Or are we cogs in an unstoppable machine, How can we get to where we're going if we don't know where we've been? So can you tell me, are you ready to put it to the test? Is it all inside your head or can you make it manifest? It's lifting me, i hear you understand It's hard to make a choice when your destiny's laid in legislation Although you hear my voice It comes back to the question do we really have a choice? So what do you think is wrong? I think the system Why d'you want to put it into song? Hope people listen What do you hope to achieve? The soul, freed, To put it more precise, the inner strength so peeps believe So what do you believe? Time's in the moment But actually how can people use that to be more free? Time's not a wizard, there's no tricks up the sleeve. Just stay more present, in touch with inner needs So what do people need? Life in the moment But actually, what's the change that you want to see? Government decisions not overlooking publicly So we can build a better future success for our seed But what do you think is wrong? I think the system Why d'you want to put it into song? Hope people listen What do you hope to achieve? The soul, freed, To put it more precise, the inner strength so peeps believe So what do you think is wrong? I hate the system Why d'you want to put it into song? Hope people listen What do you hope to achieve? The soul, freed, To learn to value self as better purpose than just greed



"The Urban Folk Crowd are Conscious Route and Calum Carlyle. Bringing together a unique blend of Hip Hop, Folk, Indie, Reggae among other influences, the band have created catchy melodies and conscious thought-provoking lyrics in a way that is feel good.

The Urban Folk crowd came together when singer / songwriter Calum Carlyle met Conscious Route through the Edinburgh music scene. After being fans of each other's work they created a debut album in the background of their busy lives.

The album, which is produced by Fraser Johnstone, mixes influences from all the people involved to bring a slice of difference while creating a crowd ethos for this musical endeavor. Calum's musical background coming from Folk, Blues, Indie, and other influences, while Conscious Route originated from Hip Hop, Poetry, alternative music and Reggae. The two let the experience flow, rather than directing to write certain songs to be a certain way. With many cups of herbal tea and talking, the album took over two years to complete. What set out to be a project of serious intent changed direction into an enjoyable journey of learning and appreciation for good music and good people. I think that experience of the journey is conveyed through the music itself."


released October 28, 2015

All songs (lyrics/music) written by Conscious Route and Calum Carlyle
All songs © 2015 Urban Folk Crowd, all rights reserved
Recorded and produced by Fuzz
Recorded @ Stage Door Recording Studio
Mastering by Fat As Funk
Cover art and Design by Jon Thompson
Picture by Susanna Murphy, Logo by Louis Dyke
Photoshop by Simon Brooks
released by True Hold Records


all rights reserved



Calum Carlyle Edinburgh, UK

I'm a musician and songwriter from Orkney, now based in Edinburgh. Have a listen to some of my music, i hope you enjoy it!

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